The benefits of being a farmer-member: You own the business.

That means you own a plant network that handles 6 billion pounds of milk annually. Those plants make Foremost Farms the largest cheese-making business in Wisconsin and a global supplier of whey ingredient solutions.

The size and scope of this plant network also means you have opportunity to develop your dairy operation to meet your financial needs and goals.

Why join Foremost Farms?

  • Supply the global market place
  • A voice in shaping dairy policy
  • No marketing fees or dues
  • Making a positive impact
  • Equity Investment Plan
  • College scholarships
  • Cooperative-run lab and LabLink

You have a big voice.

Foremost Farms is active in several advocacy organizations, including the National Milk Producers Federation, the International Dairy Foods Association and the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.

We are also involved in Cooperative Network, Wisconsin Dairy Products Association and the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. We make sure your cooperative has a role in shaping local, state and national dairy policy.

Our Cooperative Leaders are part of this effort. This is a top-notch leadership development program for members, between the ages of 22 and 45, to train our next generation of advocates.


Your bottom-line benefits.

As a Foremost Farms member-owner, you pay no marketing fees or dues. Meanwhile, our Equity Investment Plan (EIP) puts equity ownership into the hands of our members.

And every year, Foremost Farms awards $3,000 scholarships to members and their children who are pursuing a career in agriculture.


Your field services staff.

Our experienced field services team is ready to help – whether you need technical support to keep your milk quality high, advice on regulatory compliance or help with the National Dairy FARM program.

They can also provide information on risk management tools and contracting options.

Your cooperative-run lab.

Foremost Farms has a certified lab that offers updated bulk tank, component and quality test results three times daily. We test all bulk tank samples for MUN, to help you track the nutritional balance of rations.

Antibiotic and special tests – including LPC, coliform, PI and plate counts – are available on request, and results are updated every 15 minutes online.

Members can also order mastitis culture tests on bulk tanks and individual cows.

Your risk management & forward contracting options.

At Foremost Farms, you can forward contract up to 75% of your current monthly milk production.

You can also take advantage of two types of risk management contracts: a Fixed Price Contract or a Minimum Price Contract.

Your business meets customer needs.

Successful businesses respond to changing customer and consumer demands. That’s why every Foremost Farms member-owner participates in the National Dairy FARM program.

It’s also why Foremost Farms is NPE-free and rBST-free – and why our milk quality is at an all-time high.

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