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Test Results

As a Foremost Farms member-owner, you can track bulk tank tests, antibiotic and culture tests online, via email alert, by phone or through the mail. Monitor milk quality and analyze production results with a rolling 13-months of data. And rely on your Foremost Farms field representative to answer any questions and work with your veterinarian, consultant and nutritionist.

Bulk Tank, Component and Quality Tests

  • Updated online three times daily – track 13 months of data
  • MUN test – measures protein efficiency to track the nutritional balance of rations
  • Plate Loop Counts (PLC) and Preliminary Incubation (PI) counts – help you monitor and maintain optimal sanitation conditions

Special Tests

  • We conduct special testing to help members troubleshoot herd health issues. Special tests include standard plate count (SPC), lab pasteurized count (LPC), preliminary incubation (PI), coliform and more.
  • Antibiotic test results for cows
  • Updated online every 15 minutes (Depending on drugs used, results may be delayed in certain cases.)

Culture Tests

  • Bulk and quarter cultures, antibiotic sensitivity, and mycoplasma culture tests are available
  • Help evaluate herd quality and use as a diagnostics tool
  • Updated online every 15 minutes (some tests take 2-10 days to culture)

Log in Today – Add Your Key Consultants

  • Members not only have online and email access to testing results, they can now grant online access to others who play a role in quality milk production such as nutritionists, veterinarians and other consultants. Log in now to get started and sign up “Subscribers”. Once there, you and your consultants can graph your results, set up alerts and analyze your short or long-term testing results.

Lab Link

  • 24-hour phone access to all test results, including daily bulk milk weights and tests
  • Call (866) LAB-LINK or (866) 522-5465
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