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Member Benefits
Member Benefits

Foremost Farms offers a variety of benefits to our member-owners, ranging from leadership training and college scholarships, to computer discounts and product donations for dairy events.

Milk Lab

An optional subscription service that analyzes trends in your milk test results to help you identify and detect problems early that can affect your fat and protein components

  • Foremost Farms transmits your milk test results to MilkLab — you have password access
  • Your milk test results are updated and analyzed daily for immediate feedback
  • An Email Alert System helps you identify production issues quickly
  • Want to try MilkLab free for six months?

Be a Cooperative Leader!

We offer a leadership development program for members between the age of 22 and 45, who receive in-depth training on

  • Cooperative principles and the role of co-ops in milk processing and marketing
  • Foremost Farms' business goals, objectives and strategies, and how we add value to members' milk
  • Effective techniques for communicating one-on-one or in groups
  • Interested? Members will find a Cooperative Leaders brochure here.
  • Want to apply? Fill out this application.

College Scholarships

Every year, Foremost Farms awards

  • Up to 10 scholarships of $2,000 each
  • Member-owners and the children of member-owners who are pursuing a career in the agricultural field are eligible

Access the Agricultural Education Brochure and Interactive Application here.

CDW Discounts

As a member, you can take advantage of

  • Exclusive year-round discounts on computer equipment and electronics through CDW®, Foremost Farms’ software and hardware supplier
  • CDW offers more than 50,000 products, from laptop and desktop computers to mobile devices to digital cameras and software packages

Community Support

We support the communities and organizations in which our members, members’ children and employees are actively involved

  • Local agriculture and dairy-related organizations are our top priority
  • We prefer to donate Foremost Farms quality cheese and butter products
  • Contact your Foremost Farms’ field representative for more information

Classified Ads

  • Buy and sell with fellow members with our free online Classified Ads
  • Find everything from barn cleaners to bulk tanks to whole herds
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