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Management Tools
Management Tools

Foremost Farms offers management tools and resources to help our member-owners make sound business decisions. From two types of risk management contracts to online price and cost calculators to Spanish language resources, discover what our management
tools can do for your operation.

Forward Contracting Program

Foremost Farms USA member-owners may contract a maximum of 75 percent of their current monthly milk production. The cooperative offers forward contracts to serve its membership and may discontinue or modify the program at any time without notice. In such cases, we encourage members to make alternative arrangements with a third party to avoid missing possible pricing opportunities. Please contact Foremost Farms at 877-423-6455 (option 9) if you need assistance.

Risk Management Contracts

  • A Fixed Price Contract is at a pre-set price for a set time period, from one month to several months
  • A Minimum Price Contract involves an established minimum price for a fee
  • Members can track Fixed Price Contract quotes and Minimum Price Contract quotes online
  • Members can sign up to receive daily e-mails on Fixed Price quotes and Minimum Price contract announcements

Online Tools

  • Class III Price Calculator
  • Calculate your Basis (Worksheet)
  • Calculate your Production Cost (Worksheet)
  • Inspection preparation doesn't have to be stressful, especially if you review the following checklist before the inspector arrives. Make sure the items listed are operating correctly and are in good repair. To pass, your farm must rate a score of 90 or better.
    Preparing for a Dairy Inspection (PDF)

Online Links

Farm Security

On-Farm Best Security Practices for Dairy Farms (PDF)

Drug Usage and Storage

Establishing proper protocols for treating dairy animals is key to supplying safe, quality milk.

Spanish Language Resources


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