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Foremost Farms USA offers a comprehensive selection of employee benefits. Listed below is only a brief outline. Various offerings, eligibility and other rules apply which are governed only by official plan documents and can vary by hourly or salaried status, in addition to location.

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Health Care

Excellent health insurance for employees and families. Includes medical, prescription, dental and vision coverage under one plan with low out-of-pocket expenses.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

You can put a portion of your pre-tax pay into an FSA to pay for qualifying health care expenses such as deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance and much more.


  • Life Insurance
    Term life insurance is available through Foremost Farms-sponsored life insurance plan.
  • Short-term Disability (STD)
    STD pay is available in the case of extended medical-related leaves of absence to offer a level of income protection if you are unable to work.
  • Long-term Disability (LTD)
    LTD is available to help protect a level of income in the case that an employee is unable to work on a longer-term basis.

Paid Time Off

There are multiple paid time off benefits available depending on the situation. This includes vacation, holidays, bereavement and sick days.


Employees can take advantage of a defined contribution plan, commonly referred to as a 401(k) plan. Foremost Farms USA offers a generous 401(k) employer contribution up to 8 percent of qualified earnings.

Education Assistance

Employees are encouraged to continue to grow in their current positions and prepare for future opportunities that may arise in the company. Assistance is available to salaried and hourly employees who have received supervisor approval and are taking courses that relate to their jobs or the business activities of Foremost Farms. The current maximum annual benefit is $5,250.

Employee Assistance Program

The EAP is intended to help with the challenges of balancing work and family issues. It can provide assistance when searching for childcare or when researching resources for dealing with an elderly parent.

Referrals for legal assistance as well as money management consultation also are part of the EAP. Of course, you may consider using the EAP when dealing with other life issues such as parenting, jobs, relationships or substance abuse.